Where are Japan's entrepreneurs?

In September 2012, 18-year-old Doga Makiura made his first trip to Rwanda, a country which many Japanese would only associate with the genocide in 1994.

His aim was to give children in rural areas an access to education. As a member of non-profit organisation e-Education Project, he travelled across the country for the next year.

“I filmed some of the best teachers’ classes in big cities, burned them onto DVDs and showed them to students in rural areas,” he says.

He chose DVDs because internet connection was hard to come by. In the first year, Doga visited more than 700 students in five schools. The examination results at those schools improved by 46%.

“In developed countries, kids complain about having to do homework, but these Rwandan children were thrilled to be able to learn, which made me happy.”

During one of his trips, he noticed piles of food that were in storage. Farmers were too poor to transport them to big cities.

Doga Makiura in Rwanda

Doga Makiura went to Rwanda for the first time at the age of 18

Through United Nations workers whom he met in Rwanda, Mr Makiura decided to facilitate the transport of food between the farmers and hundreds of thousands of refugees who were fleeing the civil war in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

That was less than two years ago.

Today, he is based in Bangkok where he has started his own company. His passion remains the same: to raise the living standards of people in developing countries.

This time he’s doing it through a mobile phone application called Personal Data Bank. The app is still in the early-development stage, but the aim is to build a more efficient infrastructure by analysing the locations of people who are using the app.

Mr Makiura is an atypical Japanese youth. Above all, he is not afraid to take risks. And his global vision and entrepreneurial spirit are exactly what the Japanese government wants to encourage.


Source Article from http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-32111959
Where are Japan's entrepreneurs?
Japanese Education – Yahoo News Search Results
Japanese Education – Yahoo News Search Results

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