A woman visiting Okunoshima Island in Japan was recently bun-rushed by a stampede of hungry rabbits. You can tell from her laughter (and the bag of rabbit snacks in her hand) that the whole thing made her pretty giddy.

Okunoshima, also known as Rabbit Island (Usagi Jima), draws a steady stream of visitors who like to pet and feed the flop-eared residents.

Some tourists even like to participate in the Running of the Buns (See video, above.)

No one really knows how the rabbits got there. The Japanese Imperial Army used the island as a secret base to manufacture poison gas from 1929 to 1945. Some people believe the rabbits were brought as test subjects and then released after World War II. Others are convinced a group of schoolchildren must have introduced the rabbits.

But with no natural predators and world-class breeding habits, the rabbit population has grown sizable. And very, very cute.