The Crew: Delicious Korean and Japanese Fusion

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The Crew owners

The Crew owners Gloria Myung Suk Go and Andy Jong Su Kim.

Since there exists a world-class famous actor & actress couple named BRAngelina for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, on the San Francisco front there is a Korean and Japanese Fusion Chef Couple named Gloria Myung Suk Go and Andy Jong Su Kim who, too, might be likened to the above-referenced as GLORIAndy.  There is a relatively new Korean & Japanese Fusion Restaurant in our beloved San Francisco’s Sunset District at 1330 Noriega Street, mid-block between 20th and 21st Avenues.  This at once cozy and culturally magnetic restaurant’s new owners & managers assumed the challenge and responsibility of rigorous daily business operation beginning April 2013.

Gloria Myung Suk Go, 46, is a strikingly svelte and glamorous middle-aged mom who is adoringly proud of their two daughters – Semi Stella, 23, and Sebin Esther, 15.  Stella is working as a private tutor and is immersed in teaching Beginning and Intermediate Levels of Spoken Korean Language to neighborhood elementary-age students.  More recently, she became engaged to a Chinese American named Jeff Young.  Her younger sister, Esther, is a sophomore at Lowell High School.  She is a Varsity Song Girl  – cheerleader.  Also, she is on the Track Team at Lowell High and is having fun in disciplined Dance Curriculum.  Her present aspiration for the future is to become a pediatrician.

Gloria’s husband, Andy Jong Su Kim, 47, looks entirely fit like a muscular professional fitness trainer with biceps, triceps and pectorals, a major plus!  Already he has thirteen (13) years prior experience as a lead Chef who specialized in higher-end Japanese cuisine.  He has worked an athletic coach and as a government employee in Seoul, Korea.

Kims hard at work cooking.

Kims hard at work cooking.

The CREW, also known as ‘ Friend(s) ‘ in Korean, is open six (6)  days a week  – except Sundays –  for lunch between 11:30 – 2:30 P.M. and dinner and late night supper & appetizers between 5:30 – 2:00 A.M.  There are ten (10) items on the less expensive lunch special menu, priced between $5.95 – $12.95, like galbi – beef short rib and soft tofu stew with your choice of seafood, beef, pork or vegetables.

Many area youth and trendy young and middle-age customers as well as Sunset District seniors frequent this S.E.R.V.I.C.E. – oriented food hub, as it were.  S = Social, E = Enthusiastic, R = Responsible, V = Vibrant, I = Intelligent & E = Engaged!  New and revisiting customers can indulge their epicurean curiosity and even get some free refills on 6 – 7 Korean Side Dishes.

Kim & Go’s place offers truly tasty and scrumptious appetizers, BBQ and grilled meat, light soup, thick stew, main dishes and house specials like sweet and spicy whole chicken.  Beverages served here include:  soda, Korean soju & Makgeolli, Korean beers including Cass, Hite and OB ( Old Brewery), Japanese beers including Asahi and Sapporo, hot sake, Mountain Blackberry Wine called Bok Bun Ja – Joo and Ginseng Wine called Baek-Se-Ju.  The ice cream offerings on the menu are limited to Mochi Ice Cream in Strawberry and Green Tea flavors or a scoop of creamy Green Tea.

Grilled pork belly.

Delicious grilled pork belly and mushrooms.

In Korean, ‘ Maht Jeep ‘ means a ‘ culinary house of good & fine taste .’  This‘ CREW ‘ is a very inviting and hospitable restaurant, which specializes in serving mostly Korean and some Japanese fusion food, both traditional and somewhat contemporary.  Office workers and unionized labor employees alike share the common ground of strong work ethic.  And when exhausted and drained after their daily devotion to industry and modern-day toil, as customers of this place can relax with overhead big-screen TV for Sports Channel viewing while listening to both American and British Rock ‘N Roll, Jazz or K-Pop and dine in or take out really delicious appetizers, meals and drinks like lychee, mango or yogurt soju cocktails.

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The Crew: Delicious Korean and Japanese Fusion
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