T.Y.A. Vietnam: Global Video EC Site on Japanese Crafts, "TAKUMI-WORKS" Starts Now


On January 25th, T.Y.A. Vietnam Co., ltd has launched the new video EC site called “TAKUMI-WORKS”, which focuses on Japanese crafts.
TAKUMI-WORKS introduces stories behind each craft through videos and visitors can also buy products instantly from the website. Our EC site aims to transmit stories about Japanese craftsmanships and all the relevant happenings, people and history related to these crafts for the next generations to inherit these precious knowledge. We are not only selling products but we are aiming to achieve digital preservation. We are also working on developing inbound promotions with domestic and overseas travel agencies and hotels.

  • Site release date: 25th January 2015 Website Opens
  • URL: http://www.takumi-works.com/
  • Products on sale: Japanese traditional crafts or hand crafts
  • Market Target: Overseas
  • Site language: English/Japanese/Chinese/French/Vietnamese will be available soon

*Our ambition

There are many handworks and traditional crafts in Japan, unique in each area of the country, which can proudly be introduced to the world. Those works and the methods behind them have been inherited for generations and represent the history, natural features and soul of Japan. We believe their quality can be found nowhere else due to the natural factors involved in the making process, which can only occur in Japan.
Regrettably, these attractive works are not yet popular as they are believed to be too intricate for ordinary people. It’s so exciting for us to make you explore, through our videos, the “STORY” behind each craft. After all, we want to promote the real value of Japanese crafts.

About The Project

In Japan, local craftsmen have been working in and perpetuating traditional craftsmanships and manufacturing techniques. However, they are struggling to find successors and some of this precious and important culture is disappearing. In order to preserve this Japanese heritage for next generations, we feel it is our duty to create a new market and inform the world of the real value of Japanese crafts.

Now is the time to take a practical action and introduce The “GREAT WORKS by TAKUMI” as our pride and joy from Japan.

Source Article from http://finance.yahoo.com/news/t-y-vietnam-global-video-160000507.html
T.Y.A. Vietnam: Global Video EC Site on Japanese Crafts, "TAKUMI-WORKS" Starts Now
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japanese language – Yahoo News Search Results

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