Passengers test out Japanese high speed train at 500 km/hr

Japan is testing out a new high speed train that can reach eye-watering speeds of up to 500 km/hr.

This month, the Central Japan Railway Company is conducting test runs with passengers aboard the maglev train, which uses magnetic levitation to travel at speeds that are faster than Japan’s famous bullet trains, which tops out at 320 km/hr (200 mph), points out the BBC.

For one of the first test runs, 100 passengers chosen by lottery were able to take a spin along the 43-km route between Uenohara and Fuefuki in Yamanashi Prefecture.

In a video of the test run, passengers break out in nervous giggles and applause as they watch the counter on a digital screen pass from 499 to 500 km/hr.

For eight days, the train will shuttle 2,400 train enthusiasts (300,000 people applied to take a test run) to conduct a series of tests.

The aim of the project, which is set for completion in 2027, is to cut travel time between Tokyo and the city of Nagoya by about half, from 90 to 40 minutes.

Earlier this month, Eurostar also unveiled the latest addition to its fleet, the e320, which can reach speeds of up to 320 km/hr.

The current record holder is the Shanghai Maglev, which hurtles passengers to and from the Pudong International Airport at speeds of up to 431 km/hr.

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Passengers test out Japanese high speed train at 500 km/hr
Japanese Test – Yahoo News Search Results
Japanese Test – Yahoo News Search Results

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