Mozambique: Japanese Aid for Gaza Water Supply

Maputo — The Agricultural Directorate of the southern Mozambican province of Gaza and the Japanese government signed in Maputo on Thursday a grant agreement worth 114,617 US dollars for the construction of two boreholes in Gaza.

The aid is part of the Japanese programme of Assistance to Community Projects (ACP). The boreholes will be drilled in Guija district, which is regularly affected by drought, and will benefit about 3,000 people.

Speaking at the ceremony, Japanese Ambassador Eiki Hashimoto said that, in addition to drilling the boreholes, the money will also be spent on acquiring two electric pumps, two solar panels and a water tank. There will also be a programme for general improvement in hygiene conditions.

Hashimoto declared that “the Japanese government recognises the importance of development, and so it has established a project of community assistance and human security”.

He sad this support also responds to a promise made by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, during his visit to Mozambique in January. At that time, Abe had promised to strengthen the ties of economic cooperation between Japan and Mozambique in the areas of the development of infrastructures (including water and sanitation), education, health, and the mitigation of natural disasters and climate change.

The director of the Gaza Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, Ernesto Paulino, said the provincial government was pleased to receive this support because it will reduce the distances people will have to walk to gain access to water.

“This will improve the quality of water both for human consumption and for animals”, he said. “It will also encourage the production of vegetable gardens”.

The Japanese aid, he said, will complement the activities of the local government and contribute towards reducing vulnerability to drought.

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Mozambique: Japanese Aid for Gaza Water Supply
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