Japanese teachers visit Sport Wellington

Media Release
21 November 2015

teachers visit Sport Wellington

Sport Wellington
has met with a delegation of 22 Japanese teachers who are
currently travelling New Zealand to research health and
physical education.

The National Centre for Teachers
Development in Japan has sent the group of leading education
personnel to a number of countries to study the state of
sport, physical education and health. The group will travel
New Zealand for around ten days, visiting sports
organisations and schools.

Sport Wellington met with the
group on Thursday, 20 November at Sport Wellington’s head
office in Thorndon, to discuss and share approaches to
physical education in New Zealand and provide insight into
the work Sport Wellington does.

Sport Wellington spoke
about their strategic plan, vision and purpose, and provided
a detailed analysis of what is happening in this region.
Overall seven staff presented on regional sports, schools,
and Sport Wellington’s Active Communities and KiwiSport

Sport Wellington CEO, Phil Gibbons stated
“this is a great opportunity to share some of the
successes Sport Wellington has had in the areas of sport and
active recreation in the local community.”

group’s intent was to obtain an introduction and
explanation of health and physical education policies,
strategies concerning the improvement of children’s sport
ability and lifelong sport to local community. They were
also keen to gain an understanding of Sport Wellingtons
relationship with the Ministry of Education, schools, local
community and sport clubs.

Gibbons added “The work our
visitors are doing in Japan relates well to what we are
trying to achieve here in the greater Wellington region of
ensuring everyone has a lifelong involvement in sport and
active recreation”.

On their tour the delegation has
already met with Sport New Zealand, and is scheduled to
visit Sport Waikato, Physical Education New Zealand and the
Ponsonby Rugby Club.


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Japanese teachers visit Sport Wellington
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