Japanese style food and entertainment gains popularity worldwide

Tokyo, Aug 12 (ANI): Sagawa Express is expanding its service with the launch of “Delivery Mate”.

Here at Chiba north office, Sagawa Express has started this new home delivery service for the first time in Japan.

“In recent years, Internet shopping and mail order is growing rapidly. In the last 10 years the volume of delivery to home has increased. We realized that delivery by truck drivers was not sufficient. We increased the number of part-time employment who live in the local area as the delivery staff using bicycles and carts. “Delivery Mate” enabled us to keep up for more community based, personalized delivery service to meet the individual needs to our customers,” said Hayashi Shozo, Chiba north office manager, Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.

” I do this work after my child went to elementary school and I could spare time. I was looking for a job to meet my needs I meet with customers and became familiar with them. It’s fun to make communication with local customers and interact with each other by saying “It’s very hot today” “Take care!” said Sou Mika, Delivery Mate.

Based on the success of North Chiba office, “Delivery Mate” service has been expanded in the whole country.

It is a revolutionary approach which can be personalized to meet the individual needs to the customers, while achieving the efficiency of delivery.

Now, we meet actor Yuki Furukawa, whose popularity has been rising in Asia and even West.

Japan’s talent agency Horipro has been active in the overseas by the development of their young talents.

On July 18 to 20 in San Francisco USA, “J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL was held. Horipro’s young artists Tomomi Itano and May’n (to be pronounced as ‘main’) appeared to the festival.

Yuki Furukawa, who also attended the event as an actor representative of Japan, received full of excitement by the audiences.

Furukawa, who is fluent in English, easily make an impression with his fans globally.

The actor interacted with his fans while screening of his short film “Wo ai ni”

Furukawa has already attended a promotional event in China.

“Usually I talk in English with the main actress because she speaks English. But, we speak other languages at the set because there are also Japanese crews. It always takes time to deliver the directions to all the crew members,” said Yuki Furukawa, Actor.

Japanese firms are expanding their wings globally.

And, now the country’s largest airline, ANA has decided to serve favourite noodle “Ramen” onboard to passengers on international flights.

In the second year of this project, ANA and Ippudo, one of Japan’s most loved ramen chains, took up the challenge of jointly developing new Miso flavor Ramen.

No meat is used in preparing these noodles.

Instead, soybeans are used to create a topping with the texture and flavor of meat, making the ramen even suitable for Vegetarians.

“This noodle was newly developed and made exclusively for ANA. Especially for the in-flight service, the boiled water temperature does not reach to 90 degrees under the severe environment of the low air pressure. This time, Ippudo developed new special noodle for the new Miso soup flavor Ramen, in addition to Tonkotsu Pork flavor,” Koji Oka, Director, Products and Services Strategy, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

ANA will offer new Ippudo Miso flavor Ramen as an in-flight meal to first and business class passengers on international flights connecting Japan with North America and Jakarta from September.

” Our Ramen service has been very well received by the international customers in North America and Europe connecting flights, not only for Japanese passengers,” Oka added, Director, Products and Services Strategy, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

ANA also announced four renowned chefs as part of its Connoisseurs team.

They will provide passengers on international flights departing Japan with a higher quality of service and food. (ANI)

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Japanese style food and entertainment gains popularity worldwide
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