JAPAN TECH FINDER: Gateway to Superior Technologies and Products from Japan

TOKYO, March 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — SME Support, JAPAN (SMRJ) has unveiled “JAPAN TECH FINDER,” a website to market the top-class technologies of small and medium Japanese enterprises and create business opportunities abroad. (http://jtf.smrj.go.jp/en)

A total of 60 small and midsized Japanese manufacturing companies from around Japan are listed after passing a screening based on their aspirations to advance into the world market.

Our goal is to inform overseas companies of the outstanding technologies and products of small and medium Japanese enterprises and forge new business partnerships.

The listed companies are divided into six categories: machinery, parts, molds, tools, metalworking, and others. Our free word search makes it easy to find the perfect company for you.

Each company articulates its three strongest fields.

Introductory messages make clear company policies.

Featured items are pictured and described for easy understanding.

The most appealing items are shown in videos.

You can download PDF file product catalogues.

Each company’s website, phone number and e-mail address of its overseas business executives are listed for easy access to those in charge.

Browse through Japanese technologies via JAPAN TECH FINDER to expand your business opportunities and create new partnerships.

For further details visit: http://jtf.smrj.go.jp/en

About SME Support, JAPAN (SMRJ)
SME Support, JAPAN (SMRJ) is a government funded not-for-profit organization, originally founded in 1962, that supports small and medium enterprises in solving managerial issues. SMRJ provides targeted and personalized support measures through its nine regional head offices across Japan with 3,000 experts in various fields. Find SMRJ online at: http://www.smrj.go.jp/english/

Takashi Yasumatsu
Tel: +81-3-3498-5913
Email: jtf@wm.smrj.go.jp

Source Article from http://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/japan-tech-finder-gateway-superior-060000862.html
JAPAN TECH FINDER: Gateway to Superior Technologies and Products from Japan
Japanese Class – Yahoo News Search Results
Japanese Class – Yahoo News Search Results

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