Great Persons' Feats for Education in Korea

Pyongyang, September 10 (KCNA) — The 13th National Meeting of Educators, recently held here, marked a historic landmark in glorifying President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il’s idea on Juche-based education and their leadership feats and bringing about a drastic turn in education in the new century.

President Kim Il Sung in his lifetime had paid deep attention to the educational work with his noble outlook on the posterity and future.

In the period of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, he saw to it that such schools as Samsong School in Wujiazi, Jinmyong School in Kalun and Samgwang School in Guyushu were set up to ensure free education for children.

After Korea’s liberation from the Japanese colonial rule, he took a measure to establish a popular education system in the country even under the complicated situation. It resulted in emergence of Kim Il Sung University, Samhung Secondary School and many other educational institutions.

During the 1950-1953 Fatherland Liberation War, the President took such steps as recalling servicepersons from the front to their campus and carrying textbooks and educational equipment and apparatuses by military vehicles.

In the postwar rehabilitation period he saw to it that much portion of the government funds was allotted to reconstructing schools before anything else, and frequently visited schools under construction, settling the knotty problems.

Under his wise guidance, the DPRK introduced the universal compulsory primary and secondary education systems and enforced the universal compulsory nine-year technical education from Juche 56 (1967) and then the universal compulsory 11-year education system.

He also authored “Theses on Socialist Education” to give comprehensive and perfect exposition of all the matters arising in educational work.

Leader Kim Jong Il made public “On Further Developing Educational Work” and other celebrated works to kindle the flames of innovation in the education throughout the country and thoroughly implement the theses on socialist education.

He made sure that the state expenditure for educational services was increased annually even in the period of the Arduous March, and visited universities and other schools to bring about a turn in the educational work as required by the new century.

Today the Juche-based education in the DPRK has entered a new turning point under the guidance of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un took a measure for enforcing the universal 12-year compulsory education in keeping with the developing realities and gave important teachings for the education of rising generations, touring Mangyongdae Revolutionary School, Changjon Primary School and other educational units.

He has shown his deep trust and loving care for the educators, seeing to it that modern apartment houses for them are built at scenic sites of the capital city and visiting their families who moved to new flats.

Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il’s idea on the Juche-based education and their exploits will go down forever under the energetic guidance of Kim Jong Un.

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Great Persons' Feats for Education in Korea
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