CLIF® Bar Sponsors Its First-Ever Climbing Competition in Japan with World-Class Athletes Chris Sharma and Yuji Hirayama

Two of the world’s top professional rock climbers and Team CLIF Bar
athletes Chris Sharma and Yuji Hirayama will host the first-ever CLIF®
Bar sponsored climbing competition in Tokyo, Japan. To coincide with the
climbing event, Clif Bar & Company owner and co-chief visionary officer
Gary Erickson’s book Raising the Bar will be released in Japanese
at a press conference in Tokyo this week.

Raising the Bar in Japanese (Photo:Business Wire)

Raising the Bar in Japanese (Photo:Business Wire)

“Bringing together Japanese climbers and two world-class athletes from
the U.S. and Japan symbolizes the growing appetite for the sport,
adventure and great-tasting nutritious food around the world,” said Gary
Erickson, owner and co-chief visionary officer of Clif Bar & Company.
“Great food feeds adventure and we look forward to creating more CLIF
Bar experiences in Japan.”

CLIF Bar Sessions was created for Japanese climbers at all
levels of competition from amateur to professional athletes to share in
the adventure of one of CLIF Bar’s heritage sports. Hirayama and Sharma
will set and demonstrate climbing routes of varying difficulty and meet
fans at the event. Winners will be selected in 11 divisions and each
will receive a year supply of CLIF Bar products and other prizes. The
event is sponsored in partnership with Japanese outdoor distributor A&F,
organic and natural food distributor MIE PROJECT and Hirayama’s Climb
Park Base Camp gym.

“We are very excited to have Chris Sharma, and Gary Erickson and Kit
Crawford of Clif Bar in Japan for the CLIF Bar Sessions at Climb
Park Base Camp,” said Hirayama.

Hirayama is the first Asian climber to win the International Federation
of Sport Climbing Lead World Cup in 1998 and 2000, and has climbed some
of the hardest climbing routes in the world, including a rapid, two-day
free ascent of the Nose route on El Capitan. Sharma is hailed as the
world’s best rock climber, a long-standing pioneer who has mastered some
of the most difficult routes in the history of the sport.

“I’m thrilled with the opportunity to work with my friend Yuji Hirayama
and thankful to CLIF Bar for creating this event,” said Sharma. “I can’t
wait to travel to Japan and climb with Yuji outdoors and at his Base
Camp gym.”

Raising the Bar in Japanese

Raising the Bar will be released in Japanese at a press event
co-hosted by the MIE PROJECT and A&F with husband and wife team Gary
Erickson and Kit Crawford, owners and co-chief visionary officers of
Clif Bar & Company at the Tokyo American Club. The book tells the
inspiring story of Erickson and the company he started in 1992, from the
175-mile bicycle ride where the idea of CLIF Bar was born to becoming
the leader in organic energy bars in the U.S. and Canada. The book
chronicles Erickson’s compelling personal story and life journeys that
became the inspiration for his business philosophy. Erickson, a
competitive cyclist and entrepreneur, illustrates how a company built on
five aspirations – sustaining its business, brands, people, community
and the planet – is good business.

“Guided by the five aspirations, we have create a different company: the
kind of place we want to work, that makes the food we want to eat, and
that strives for a healthier, more sustainable world – the kind of world
we’d like to pass on to our children,” said Crawford. “The five
aspirations represent our personal values and ensure that our company
contributes to the greater good.”

Clif Bar & Company and Japan

Clif Bar & Company launched in Japan in 2012 with its energy bar and
athletic performance product lines: CLIF Bar, CLIF SHOT BLOKS®
and CLIF SHOT® Gels. The opportunity to provide portable
nutritious food and the Japanese strong affinity for active lifestyles,
made Japan a natural fit for Clif Bar & Company’s global expansion.
Similar to the U.S., CLIF Bar launched in Japan with a grassroots
approach of sampling bars at outdoor and athletic events where it could
build loyalty and connect with the Japanese people. Including Japan,
CLIF Bar is now in 13 countries that span across North America, Europe
and Asia Pacific.

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CLIF® Bar Sponsors Its First-Ever Climbing Competition in Japan with World-Class Athletes Chris Sharma and Yuji Hirayama
Japanese Class – Yahoo News Search Results
Japanese Class – Yahoo News Search Results

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