Beats by Yubetsu

If you feel the the ground shaking near Whitecourt’s Central School, don’t be alarmed, it’s probably just a music class.

This semester students in all grades at the school will have the chance to utilize a set of Japanese Drums, as part of their music classes.

When asked what they thought about the drums, a Grade. 5 class said it made them feel powerful, that you could feel the sound in your body and that it was fun.

The drums were a gift to the town of Whitecourt, which is twinned with the Japanese city of Yubetsu. Normally the drums are kept at the town office, they’re typically used by groups who visit Whitecourt from Yubetsu, who use them to perform during visits.

June Saulit, the music director at the school, said the goal right now is to help familiarize the children with rhythm keeping. She said the big drums are an engaging way to teach this because they’re new to the kids.

The drums range in size, from the size of a big boiling pot, to drums that are almost bigger than the students using them.

“It’s a unique opportunity for the students, I’m very excited that we get to use these,” said Saulit.


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Beats by Yubetsu
Japanese Class – Yahoo News Search Results
Japanese Class – Yahoo News Search Results

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