A traditional art night with Saudi, Japanese artists

Japanese and Saudi artists enthralled the audience at a traditional art night at the Japanese Embassy in Riyadh recently. The art night was held as a joint collaboration between Japanese and Saudi artists.
Tsuyoshi Ando, head of the cultural and educational section at the embassy told Arab News on Monday that the embassy in cooperation with the Japan foundation organized a musical concert ‘Shamisen, Wa-daiko’ and ‘Shakuhachi.’
“There was a new trail of collaboration between these Japanese artists and Saudi musicians, he said. “They held a workshop of traditional instruments. Both sides not only played their own traditional folklore but also played each other’s compositions on their instruments while explaining the meanings of the songs and the features of their instruments,” Ando added.
“They discovered that there are many cultural similarities between Japan and Saudi Arabia. For example, Shamisen is a stringed instrument like the Arabic Ud and has similar sounds and tones,” Ando said.
He informed that Shamisen’ is a Japanese traditional instrument with 3 silk strings and a long neck, ‘Wa-daiko’ is a Japanese traditional percussion instrument and ‘Shakuhachi’ is the Japanese version of a flute.
The Shamisen was played by Masahiro Nitta, Wa-daiko was played by Shinta and Shakuhachi was played by Akihito Obama, he added.
The Japanese musicians have been creating new sounds inspired by Japanese traditions mixed with contemporary styles, Ando underlined.
He further informed that the concert was attended by Jiro Kodera, ambassador of Japan.
Morino, Charge d’ affairs made the opening remarks and elaborated on the traditional musical instruments.
Saudi citizens as well as diplomatic mission officials enjoyed listening to the original sounds of these traditional instruments for the first time, Ando stated.
Interest in Japanese culture and language In the Kingdom has increased significantly in the recent past.

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A traditional art night with Saudi, Japanese artists
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